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Barbara Brown Gathers was born in Brooklyn, New York to parents who had migrated from North Carolina. She was educated from elementary school through graduate school in New York City.  Attending, New York City's High School of Music and Art (currently known as LaGuardia High School of Music and the Arts), was a pivotal point in the development of the young artist. Barbara was a creative young person who had been planted in an environment that would provide fuel for a life of sharing her creative products with the world around her.


Barbara always had a strong curiosity about her family history. Some thirty years ago, she officially became her family’s historian, and has numerous interviews, videos, photos, and documents telling the family story.  


Barbara always knew that when she retired from more than thirty years of teaching middle school in New York City, she would use the historical data about the family to recreate a fictional version (based upon the facts) of what the family history might have looked like in 3D. She is a multimedia artist, a freelance educational consultant, a writer, and a quilter. Barbara’s most treasured life accomplishments are being the mother of one son, and a grandmother to her three girls. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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