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"Powerful and Familial. Those are the two words that come to mind when I think of The Secrets of Hattie Brown. This thorough and in-tune piece of literature is easily a classic that Black families can use as a blueprint for documenting our own family stories. It prompts you to truly consider the meaning of Sankofa, and why it's so important for us to not only know our history, but to write it, too. This book was excellently written and it is an incomparable work of historical fiction" 

  Nia Sadé Akinyemi

 - The Literary Revolutionary

“Hello Eliza. Nice to meet ya.” He smiled

All she could do was grin. The words were stuck in her throat like old peanut butter. Jeezus, he was soooo handsome!


In a novel that combines over twenty-five years of genealogical research with imagination and unforgettable storytelling, Barbara Brown Gathers presents a too rarely examined, segment of American history. This is done with an inspiring portrayal of the complicated, unspoken bonds within African American families and the struggles for basic survival in an unfriendly world. Most important Ms. Brown Gathers tells us a story of real, flesh and blood women, making tough choices in the face of unbelievable loss. Still they both secured their integrity and self-determination in order to face hardships, and to set an example for the descendants who would follow them.

"A riveting journey through hardships and self-exploration, The Secrets of Hattie Brown displays the tales of powerful female characters during the post-slavery era."  

Anjé  - author of Retrograde

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